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CCTV Camera Sales And Installation

Bah Residential Solutions  is currently having a BLOW OUT SALE on CCTV Cameras that can't be beat. 
We have a limited supply of FAIEAGEYE CCTV Bullet Cameras, 
for $399.99 plus tax, installation is available at an extra rate depending on the quote on your home. Set of 4 camera's, with 4 Channel DVR.

These CCTV Camera's are HD Night Vision 720P.
Weather proof
Colour: White
A Bah Residential Solutions Technician will take note as to where you might want to place cameras. We then check out each location to make sure it is not blocked by anything and provides the best view possible. You may want cameras for:
* Front and back doors
* Off-Street Window
* Large common space
* Driveway
* Porches
* Stairways 

  • Wireless vs. Wired: Wireless cameras are easy to set-up without drilling or running cables through your house, but the quality can be sub-par the further they get away from the receiver. If you are covering a big area, go wired, but most houses find wireless an easier set-up process.
  • Indoor or Outdoor: Cameras that are not made to be placed outside will quickly break when exposed to rain and humidity, so be sure to choose accordingly.
  • Motion Sensing: Some cameras will only record when they notice motion, saving space and energy while only capturing footage when someone is in the room.
  • Remote Viewing: Many high-end cameras offer the ability to stream their footage to your phone or laptop anywhere in the world, making it possible to check out your house through a provided program or app.

Range Hood And OTR Installation

Grease, moisture and heat from cooking can take a toll on your kitchen. Range Hoods are great if you cook on a high-powered stove. Bah Residential Solutions Technicians will install your Range Hood for ventilation, and odour removal. Bah Residential Solutions technicians will vent,  place a new outlet, and install your Range Hood of choice wether it be a Under the Cabinet Range Hood, Island Range Hood,  Down Draft Range Hood, Pro Hoods, or OTR Microwave, we'll get the job done right the first time.

Under Cabinet Hoods

These attach to the underside of the cabinet above your range and could be called wall-mount if they mount to the wall instead of the cabinets. Undercabinet hoods come in many styles and strengths. Most can be ducted or non-ducted. 
Chimney hoods 

Chimney hoods mount to the wall above your range, but have a flue that goes up the wall to the ceiling. If you have cabinets above the range, you'll need to remove them for this type of hood to fit and function properly.

Wall-Mount Hoods

These hoods are similar in appearance to under cabinet hoods, except that they mount to the wall instead of the cabinets above.

Island Hoods

Island hoods hang from the ceiling over an island and could be called ceiling-mount or chimney hoods. These are the best way to ventilate when you have a cooktop on an island. Many styles are available, such as glass canopies, curved metal and traditionally styled hoods.

Downdraft Hoods

These hoods are hidden in the cooktop and pop up when in use to pull the steam and smoke horizontally across the range. They're a popular choice for islands since they don't require traditional installation that may block lines of vision.

Pro Hoods

Pro hoods look like undercabinet hoods but are larger, more professional-looking and have more power than a typical undercabinet. These are great for people who cook a lot and prefer the look of a bigger hood. They can be ducted or non-ducted and come in a variety of styles to support the exhaust choice.

Double Wall Oven Installation

Bah Residential Solutions Technicians will come to your home and install your wall oven and get it flush against the wall, and beautify your home.

Stackable or Side by Side Washer And Dryer Installation

Listed below are some of the pros and cons when exploring your laundry options. Once you've determined which washer and dryer is suitable for your home, Bah Residential Solutions Technician will come to your home and install the machines for you getting the job done right .

Room for Two

One of the main reasons for stacking a washer and dryer is space -- or a lack of it. Although they consume fewer square feet horizontally, the stacked set doesn’t allow for upper cabinets -- not easily reachable ones, anyhow. Stacking a dryer on top of a front-loading machine rather than a top loader saves about 1 foot of vertical space. With a side-by-side set, you can have a counter over top or simply use the top of a machine for folding laundry. If space isn’t lacking, either set is an option after further deliberation.

The Dropped Sock Dilemma

Who hasn’t realized that they dropped a sock or forgot an item of clothing after starting the washer -- it happens to everyone. With some high-efficiency washers, you’re out of luck; once the machine starts filling with water, you can’t open it for obvious reasons. With others, you may have to push a pause button, and wait for the machine to stop filling, then restart the wash function after closing the door. A top-loading washer -- depending on make, style or functions -- may resolve the dilemma, but with such a stacked design, the dryer sits higher.

A Higher Dryer

The dryer’s stacked height -- whether over a top- or front-loading washer -- may not be ideal for everyone. If someone in the home uses a wheelchair, getting clothes in and out of the dryer may be impossible. The same is true for someone who is shorter than average height, although a stepping stool could resolve the problem. For an elderly person or someone with limited strength or mobility, reaching up with an armful of wet clothing may be beyond difficult. On the flip side, if bending down is an issue, a top loading washer and stacked dryer could hold the key

Dishwasher Installation

Bah residential Solutions Technicians will provvide dishwasher kit if required and handle all ruffings, if needed. We will beautify your home an professionally install your dishwasher. Bah Residential Solutions will get the job done right the first time.


TV Wall Mounting 

TV wall-mounts range from basic fixed-mount designs to those with nearly unlimited flexibility for positioning your TV. Think about what you want your bracket to be able to do. Do you want to be able to adjust the TV to get a better view from different seats? Would you like to be able to angle the TV for optimum viewing, yet also have it hug the wall when not in use? There are a variety of options to choose from.  Once you've determined which TV Wall Mount best suits your home, a Bah Residential Solutions Technician will install it for you getting the job done right satisfaction guaranteed.

Fixed - mount — This is the simplest, lowest-cost type of mount. It places the TV closer to the wall than other mount types. A fixed mount holds the TV about 9/16" from the wall. A flat wall mount has no angle adjustments — the TV screen's position is parallel to the wall. This type of mount is a good choice if you'll be sitting directly in front of the TV, and can position the TV at the ideal height, with the center of the screen at about eye-level when you're seated.
Tilt mount — By providing vertical angle adjustment, this wall mount type makes it easy to compensate for a TV positioned above the optimum viewing level. The tilt mechanism causes the TV to be spaced a bit further out from the wall — typically at least 2". Tilt mounts are a smart choice for TVs placed above a fireplace or high on a bedroom wall. The angle adjustment can also help reduce screen reflections from windows or room lights.
Tilt/swivel mount — By adding side-to-side swivel adjustment, this wall mount is a smart solution when a TV needs to be angled to provide the best viewing. It's also great for rooms with more than one usual viewing spot.



Bah Residential Solutions Technicians can handle all of your venting needs wether it be  4", 5", 6", 8" and or 10" vents for your home. We will professionally install your vent with a flush finish fit. Job done right the first time. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Furniture Assembly

Bah Residential Solutions technicians  provide assembly services

Purchased IKEA? Didn’t expect it to come in a whole bunch of pieces?

Don’t spend your weekend stressing over assembling your purchase. Call Bah Residential Solutions expert technicians and be SURE it’s done right the first time.

We are your GTA and surrounding areas IKEA Furniture Assembly and Installation specialists!

We assemble and install your IKEA kitchens, bathroom, BESTA system, PAX system, MALM, HOPEN, GALANT, Expedit or anything else you may have!

If you see it in the IKEA catalog, we can assemble it, install it, hang it, snap it together, or simply place it where you like. Satisfaction guaranteed!


Bah Residential Solutions is your one stop shop for all your house hold needs, and decor. If you need a job done right the first time, then look no further. Don't see what you need in our service category? Feel free to ask, we're quite handy.