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Hua Wan Faux Leather HD Video Recorder Clutch Bag


Video Format - AVI

Video Encoding - M - JPEG

Video Resolution - 720*480VGA

Video Frame Rate - 30fps

Media Playing Software - Attached software of the operating system of Mainstream audio and video media playing software.

Picture Format - JPG

Picture Pixels - 5M pix

The Ratio Image - 4:3

Supporting System - Windos me/2000/xp/2003/vista Mac O/S:Linux:

Battery Capacity - 200mAh

Working Time - About 48 Hours

Charging Voltage - DC-5V

Interface Type - 2:54pin USB

Battery Type - High -capacity lithium polymer

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World"s first HD quality video camera with encryption rad disk function.

Brilliant and rich natural colours, high quality video images.

30W pixels pinhole CMOS camera for clear digital video recording.

Real time recording, never let memorable moments sneak away from life.

A perfect embrace of decoration concepts for your home , classroom, office etc.

Limited Editions available for pickytrend - spotter.

A must for trend - spotters, journalist, traffick police, travellers, hikers, mountain climbers, students, youtubing, life - lovers, and or cheating/trust issues, etc.

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